An Experienced Staff Focused on the Bottom Line

Allied and our in-house law firm provide you with professional collection personnel that use the latest �state-of-the-art� recovery technology. This combination secures the interests of our clients with timely, high-return results. We utilize one of the industry�s most sophisticated dialer programs, and we use advanced skip tracing tools to complement the skills of our collection staff.
Debt Purchasers, Small Businesses as well as Direct Issuers (banks) that place contingency accounts for recovery can benefit from Allied Collection Services� experienced staff of floor managers and collection specialists.

"Bridging the gap between
Profit and Loss"
Our collection team not only understands the intricacies of the collection business, but they are also adept at working with debtors to resolve their financial situation. Our collection agency and law firm�s rapid growth is partly due to the rock-solid foundation built by a senior management team that possesses many years of collection and legal experience.

For our clients, this experience translates into a unique ability for our management staff to analyze and evaluate the true value of each portfolio and/or account that is placed with us for recovery. We are able to oversee and manage the entire collection process, which maximizes collections in a manner that is accurate, fair and timely.

Professional Opportunities

At Allied we strive to create a positive work environment that drives employees to excel. Generating and realizing solid financial results begins and ends with each employee. Our management team is committed to hiring, training and rewarding employees who are committed to being the best.

For more information regarding a career with Allied, please contact us.

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